About Us

Are you tired of cooking at home or want to eat something for a change? Are you craving for a delectable plate of Chinese food or perhaps you want your hands on a mouth melting Kaju curry for the evening? Be it Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Multani or Chinese, the answer to your selective hunger is right here!

It is believed that Indian cuisine is a lot spicy for most of the people from outside the country, and few from within India too. However, at The Green Coriander, we apprehend all kinds of taste buds and also that a portion of spicy food is not what everyone is looking for. Therefore, we have chosen to keep the heat in check, without altering the flavours, and that is what makes our dishes stand out. For someone who has never eaten in an Indian food joint, the experience at our restaurant will not be disappointing at all.

For ease of choice, we have classified our menu and placed dishes as per the categories. For example, if you want to have breakfast you can choose from kanda pohe, upma, shira and uttappam; for soups you have varieties like tomato soup, mushroom soup sweet corn soup and veg munchav soup; in tandoori you can pick any of your favourites from paneer hariyali kabab, veg seekh kabab, paneer reshmi tikka and paneer malai roll; there is a Punjabi category where you have kaju mutter, mater palak, veg mix masala, matar paneer etc.

For Maratha and Usal specials you have a category called biryani where you can pick from various gravy and dry items of your choice. We also have five kinds of Indian salads that you can choose from to compliment your meal.

Apart from the regular Indian, we also serve Chinese dishes for all kind of orders. Four specials in our menu are Veg Hongkong fried rice, Veg Schezwan fried rice, Veg Hakka noodles and Veg Schezwan noodles.

At The Green Coriander, we feel delighted to bring love to your table and serve you with the best kind of dishes that you were only imagining. Our menu houses a combination of different cuisines from within the country and also outside. We make quality food and, our diverse menu reflects the Chef’s passion and inspiration.

Plan Your Event @ The Green Coriander

If you are planning on a family party, an event or celebration of any occasion, we’d be happy to tell you that our large dining halls are just the place you need. The dining halls have space enough to seat many people for that sort of special occasion.

Be it a formal presentation, reunion, luncheon or a banquet, The Green Coriander will be more than glad to be the venue.

To reserve a space for your next event, you can always walk-in for a booking, or just make a call at +91-7262908908 today.

Antique Ambiance...

If you are looking for fine dining at our place, we have a casually sophisticated setting in the Siddhi Tower building for your convenience. The ambience is also one of our main features that might interest you. The walls of our restaurant are covered with fine tapestries, stitched with threads that were traditionally died in vegetable oils along with glass beads that were hand-designed.

From Our Menu...

At The Green Coriander, every dish that you pick from the menu has a distinct flavour of its own, and since they are prepared with the freshest ingredients, they carry a personality of its own. Also, many of the recipes that you find in our restaurant has been passed down to us from generations.

For even better know-how, every dish in our menu has a detailed description, and some also have an explanation on the preparation of the food. You can try varieties from our menu and choose which one suits your day or evening. Also, you never know when you’ll find your favorite here and come back for it again.